• Developmental Trauma

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  • Adolescence

    A Developmental Transition

  • Developmental Trauma Close Up

    Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Dr Kathryn Whyte, Ruth Stephens and Helen Townsend

  • Repair of Early Trauma

    The Repair Of Early Trauma - A “Bottom Up” Approach

    Dr Shoshanah Lyons, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Beacon House

  • The Polyvagal Theory

    Stephen Porges’ innovative research into the autonomic nervous system has shown us how we have evolved to cope with threat.

  • What Survival Looks Like At Home

    Helen Townsend

  • Childhood Trauma, the Neurobiology of Adaptation

  • Developmental Trauma Disorder

    A new, rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories.

    Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD

  • Healing Attachment Trauma- When Words Are Not Enough

    A research paper

    Laureen Schwartz

  • The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting

    Therapeutic Parenting Strategies and Solutions

    Sarah Naish

  • Therapeutic Parenting Essentials

    Moving from Trauma to Trust

    Sarah Naish

  • The Link between Types of Attachment and Childhood Trauma

    Atilgan Erozkan