• Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

    The importance of evaluating the effects of trauma is critical and has substantial implications for case-formulation and treatment planning in therapy. Therefore, before therapists can work with a client’s trauma they need to have a sound understanding of what trauma is and how to engage with it safely. Our IACP CPD approved and recognised Diploma In Trauma Informed Psychotherapy offers participants practical skills-based training with a strong theoretical foundation based on the latest neurobiological developments in working with trauma safely and effectively.




    Places Strictly Limited to 20 Participants.

  •  Diploma in Trauma Informed Psychotherapy 

    This Diploma is designed to equip counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists with the knowledge and skills to work in an integrative manner and address client trauma in a safe, confident and ethical manner.  CPD Recognised and Approved by The Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Awarded 78 IACP CPD Points. Delivered by a team of highly experienced facilitators who have expertise in Trauma Informed Care.  


    Friday 26th March, 7pm – 9pm

    Facilitator: Liz Quish

    • Course Orientation

    Saturday 27th March, 10am - 5pm

    Sunday 28th March, 10am – 5pm

    Facilitator: Patricia Allen Garrett

    • Introduction To Trauma
    • Symptoms Of Trauma
    • Triune Model Of Trauma
    • Brain and Body Connection
    • Introduction to PTSD
    • Introduction to Polyvagal Theory
    • Trauma Types
    • Talk Therapy


    Saturday 24th April, 10am - 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)
    • Definitions and principles of TIC
    • Development of TIC
    • Defining Trauma
    • Types of Trauma
    • Developmental Trauma
    • TIC as a Response to Trauma
    • Brain Development
    • The Neurobiology of Stress
    • Trauma and Memory
    • Trauma Impact as a Sensory Experience


    Saturday 1st May, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Polyvagal Theory - Definition/ Main Concepts
    • Embodied Experience
    • Trauma through a Polyvagal Lens
    • Triggers: Recognition, Impact, Strategies to Cope
    • Building Embodied Safety


    Saturday 15th May, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Attachment Theory
    • Definition/ Main Concepts
    • Developing Attachment
    • Attachment and Trauma
    • Attachment Behaviour - Internal Working Model
    • Adult Attachment  - Secure to Unresolved
    • Attachment & Parenting - Attachment Transmission


    Saturday 22nd May, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Trauma and Impact Across Development
    • Relational/ Emotional /Behavioural/ Cognitive
    • Trauma and Shame
    • Addressing Shame
    • Building  Relational Safety and a Coherent Narrative
    • Becoming the Container


    Saturday 13th June, 10am - 5pm

    Sunday 14th June, 10am - 5pm

    Facilitator: Patricia Allen Garrett

    • Trauma Treatment Theories
    • Trauma Treatment Phases
    • Window of Tolerance
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Regulation Exercises
    • Recap on The Nervous System
    • Integration Phase Exercises


    Saturday 19th June, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Mentalising Theory
    • Building Mentalising
    • Mentalising and Trauma
    • Mentalising in Practice
    • Mentalising and Trauma Language
    • Resilience  and TIC
    • TIC as a Systemic Approach


    Saturday 26th June, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Dr. Maria Lotty

    • Vicarious Trauma and Compassionate Fatigue
    • Addressing Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue - Self Care
    • Exploring the Therapist Triggers
    • Containment for the Therapist
    • Integrating TIC into your Practice
    • Reflections


    Saturday 3rd July,10am- 5pm

    Sunday 4th July, 10am- 5pm

    Facilitator: Jill Carter

    • Integrating Person Centred, Gestalt, Object Relations, Jungian and Transpersonal Trauma Models
    • Trauma Informed CBT
    • Using Creativity for Complex Rational Trauma

  • Learning Outcomes

    Participants who complete this 12 day CPD Diploma will gain a sound understanding of trauma informed psychotherapy and will develop the tools and skills necessary to confidently and effectively work with trauma in a safe, strategic and systematic manner.

    Develop a sound understanding of the types, prevalence, neurobiology and impact of trauma.

    Use a trauma-informed lens to reframe challenging emotions and behaviours as adaptive responses to trauma, moving from a what’s wrong with you mindset to a what happen to you framework.

    Use Trauma focused theory, research and techniques coherently and safely in therapy facilitating clients post traumatic growth.

    Become proficient in using body-based interventions for tracking, naming, and safely exploring trauma-related somatic activation, creating new competencies and restoring clients somatic sense of self in a safe and trauma informed manner.

    An understanding of the impact of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, as well as skills to manage the impact of trauma work on the therapist.

  • Programme Structure & Fees

    Entry Requirement

    This CPD Diploma is open to practitioners who have successfully completed

    • A Degree or Diploma in Counselling/ Psychotherapy

    This programme may also be of interest to Play Therapists, Art Therapists, Drama and Music Therapists who have appropriate experience and accreditation and are seeking to expand their skill set to work in an informed manner with Trauma.


    12 Day Programme Commencing Friday 26th March 2021 with Class Orientation from 7pm - 9pm.


    Class time will run from 10am – 5.00pm each day thereafter.

    Teaching Methods

    This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.


    Reflective Learning Journals

    2500 Word Academic Essay

    1500 Word Book Review

    Programme Fee & Payment Schedule

    Full Fee: €1,250

    • €250 Deposit on registration
    • €700 by January 15th 2021
    • €300 by February 26th 2021
  • Contact

    The Greenane Centre, Greenane, Tipperary Town, E34 CX13

    The Greenane Centre, Liz Quish, Greenane, Tipperary Town, E34 CX13
    087 7800500