• The NCFED offers a complete, unique Diploma programme with three distinct modules, covering the theory and state-of-the-art practical skills for eating disorders and obesity.


    This Diploma is CPD approved by the British Psychological Society.

      Module 1: Practitioner Skills for Eating Disorders - 8 days via Zoom.

      This module teaches practical treatment skills for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating and atypical forms of these disorders. Participants will become competent in working with these disorders, designing comprehensive and effective treatment plans.

      • Hunger and Appetite
      • Aetiology and Description
      • Assessment and Engagement
      • Anorexia Nervosa
      • Nutritional and Psycho-educational Interventions
      • Treatment Development
      • Emotional Eating
      • Cognitive Interventions
      • Body Image
      • Utilisation
      • Relapse Prevention


      Module 2: Essential Obesity: Psychological Approaches - 3 days via Zoom.

      This module teaches specific skills for managing obesity in adults by addressing the practical problems and also the deeper psychological factors which cause or perpetuate weight problems.

      • Practitioner Knowledge and Roles
      • Motivation and Commitment
      • Nutritional Change
      • Lifestyle, Relationships and Activity
      • Cognitive Interventions - Attitude Change
      • Pathology
      • Utilisation


      Module 3: Nutritional Interventions for Eating Disorders - 2 days Class Based.

      This module teaches participants who encounter eating distress in their work to use basic nutritional strategies as part of the management of these conditions. Although the training will not entitle you to practise as a Nutritional Therapist or nutrition professional, the programme is designed to help you apply the knowledge and skills you will learn safely and effectively.

      • Introduction and Overview
      • Nutrition Basics
      • Biochemical Imbalances
      • Correcting Biochemical Imbalances with Nutrition
      • Lifestyle Factors
      • Putting Theory into Practice


    • Programme Structure & Fees

      Teaching Methods

      This Programme will be facilitated through a blended learning format with most modules facilitated via Zoom and 2 days facilitated through class based learning (COVID-19 guidelines permitting).


      13 Day Programme Commencing Thursday 8th April 2021.


      Class time will run from 10am – 5.00pm each day.


      Block 1: Thursday 8th, Friday 9th & Saturday 10th April 2021 via Zoom


      Block 2: Thursday 27th, Friday 28th & Saturday 29th May 2021 via Zoom


      Block 3: Thursday 17th & Friday 18th June 2021 via Zoom


      Block 4: Thursday 5th, Friday 6th & Saturday 7th August 2021 via Zoom


      Block 5: Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd September 2021 Face-to-face (COVID-19 guidelines permitting)



      Case Study

      Programme Fee & Payment Schedule

      Full Fee: €3,150

      Early Booking: €2, 750 (must be booked before January 22nd 2021).

      • €750 due on application. Closing date for applications 22nd January 2021.
      • €1,000 due by 26th February 2021
      • €1,000 due by 26th March 2021
    • Contact

      The Greenane Centre, Greenane, Tipperary Town, E34 CX13

      The Greenane Centre, Liz Quish, Greenane, Tipperary Town, E34 CX13
      087 7800500